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Our favourite pastime became

our favourite profession

It all started more than 20 years ago.

Our friends and clients from our grooming and pet shop requested repeatedly to take care of their pets. Out of experience and stories we heard and felt the need for a real vacation facility that met all the needs of a pet. We started a family owned and operated facility where the proper and healthy care of guests is top priority. Today our life is completely focused on taking care of your beloved pets. We do this 7 days per week, the whole year round. We especially wish to express our gratitude to all our clients for the many years of trust, many of these clients have become our friends.

It is only through their mouth-to-mouth publicity that we are able to operate such a wonderful pet vacation facility as Marcodia’s.

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About Marcodias
About Peter


Peter is a schooled and experienced safety and quality expert.

As Consultant he assisted many companies in organizational matters and is also auditor in Quality and Safety matters.

Being also a graduate of the Martin Gaus Academy, which specializes in positive reinforcement and motivational training, he is a pet trainer as well.

What many years ago began as a hobby evoluated in to a full time profession in a State off the art facility to which many of our colleagues look up to.

Peter takes care of the General Management and helps where needed most during the daily operations. He is also the owner.

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Daily operations


Aga is a schooled and experienced Veterinarian Assistant.

She worked previously in a Veterinarian Practice, was responsible for the daily organization and assisted the vets during al kind of operations.

She is responsible for the daily organization in which she fully works next to her colleagues in daily maintenance and other procedures.

She also follows up reservations and info requests and administering medications amongst many other things.

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