Dog Hotel

Dog Hotel

where dogs love to roam

Space is the thing

Our Canine accommodations are large, luxury styled suites with large private indoor and very large outdoor enclosures.

Each dog gets a very spacious indoor enclosure and a private outdoor run of at least 36 m2 per dog.

Social dogs can stay together day/or night, if allowed by the parents.

Dog Hotel Marcodias

Music & Television

Music is piped throughout the kennel 16 hours a day for the relaxation of your pet.

In addition, we have colour televisions in the dogs’ area.

Cozy and warm: indoors

The indoor enclosures are centrally heated and large exhaust systems are used for proper ventilation and air exchange.

In addition, we also have forced air heating.

Your pets will stay very comfortable no matter what the outside temperature or weather is like.

All indoor guestrooms have 3-m high solid stone walls with a full height covering of tiles for sanitary purposes.

The condos vary in shape but are much bigger than what the Ministry of Agriculture requires.

Heavy metal fences or full height walls serve as inside partitions.

Instead of staring out at a large wall or privacy fence, guests at Marcodia’s look out over the countryside.

There are different types of indoor enclosures.

Total partitions in rooms with solid walls between dogs for peace, privacy and cleanliness is also possible.

Special beds provide a dry platform should the dog have a urinary accident or just happen to kick over its water bowl.

Your pet’s own lambs wool, cotton or similar bedding can be brought along for its further comfort if properly washed beforehand.

We provide of course fresh blankets, toys, stainless steel feeding and water bowls and other necessities.

If you really want, your pet’s own lambs wool, cotton or similar bedding can be also brought along for its further comfort if washable and brought inn properly washed beforehand as well.

Dog Hotel Marcodias
Dog Hotel Marcodias

Playful and healthy: outdoors

If dogs are sociable with other guests, bigger outdoor runs up to 1000 m2, are used for groups of guests if their owners agree to it.

Here they can play, run and make new friends.

The outdoor runs are combined artificial grass and stone.

The outdoor runs have high very solid metal fencing between the exercise runs to allow the dogs to run up and down with their neighbours and make friends with them.

In our heart

It is our conviction that the most important ingredient for keeping our canine guests happy and healthy is to give them human contact.

We ensure you that all of our guests get lots of loving attention.

Very sociable (if male, neutered) dogs are even welcome to stay in our living room if timely reserved and after evaluation.

Dog Hotel Marcodias

A happy dog looks happy

Our guests will tell you all about it in their own special way when you pay them and us a free visit.